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From the birth of this nation, Americans have been asked to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country, for you and me. Generations have willingly offered their lives for their country. This attests to the greatness it’s greatness, and should humble us.

It is vital that we as a people honor, memorialize and reflect upon this legacy. Let us honor our heroes today, in a timely and appropriate manner, not decades from now, when they are old and gray. We must show them honor with a clear and thankful voice. It is right and just that this generation, and future generations be made aware of the cost of our freedoms, and remember that it is our duty as Americans to honor our brothers and sisters who gave all.

Fortitude-Iwo Jima

Let us never forget, or take for granted the price of freedom, over two centuries of blood and tears. Let us never forget those who loved their country enough that they paid it for us.

Because we are in their debt.