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Nasiriyah MarchApril 2003

The New Jersey Fallen Soldiers Foundation plans on obtaining funds through various activities. Fund raising activities are planned for major historical events such as the following:

  • Armed Forces Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Veterans Day

The foundation will involve veterans organizations as well as military and defense industry associations. Other ad hoc charity events will also be planned throughout the year. The foundation intends on advertising planned activities in local and statewide newspapers. Press releases will also be issued prior to any activities taking place. Direct mailings will precede major events

The foundation is also in the process of obtaining funds through grant requests to other foundations and solicitiations to large corporations. The foundation is conducting ongoing assessments to determine the priority for requests. Entities that have provided funds for charities similar to the New Jersey Fallen Soliders Foundation are the primary focus. New Jersey businesses as well as defense industry entities throughout the country will be sought after for funds. The foundation will also seek to obtain matching funds from state and local municipalities.

The New Jersey Fallen Soldiers Foundation will look to individuals to provide contributions. Direct mailing, local advertising, and word of mouth will be the primary means for obtaining funds through individuals. The foundation will establish priorities and focus first on those communities from which soldiers who recently died in conflict resided in.

The foundation is developing a website and has registered the following name for its web address. The intent of the website will be to let the community, as a whole, know more about the New Jersey Fallens Soldiers Foundations and its objectives. Information pertaining to the memorial and scholarship funds will be provided. Facts about New Jersey Soldiers who have died in conflicts, recently, and in the past, will be displayed. A merchant’s account will also be set up in order for credit/debit card contributions to be made on line.

The primary focus for all activities will be the creation of the memorial. If established budgetary goals are met the scholarhip fund will be activated to provide tuition assistance to dependents of New Jersey soldiers who sacrificed or will sacrifice their lives in the Global War on Terror. A trust fund will be set up for the scholarship. A scholarship committee will then be formed to assess and qualify dependents for tuition assistance. A trust fund will also be established to provide for perpetual maintenance of the memorial. Once the amounts required for the trusts are obtained the foundation will assess it financial status and determine whether or not any additioanl funds should be transferred to another 501(c)(3) organization.